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Chef Biagio Longo



Born in Corsano, Lecce, in Italy's southern province of Puglia, Chef Biagio Longo has 30 years of international culinary experience. Like so many Italians, Chef Longo developed his love for cooking in his mother's kitchen, where he learned family recipes passed down for generations. At 17, Longo left home for Sorrento where he attended the Culinary Cooking School in the suburb of Piano di Sorrento. He continued his culinary education at the prestigious Hotels City School, which took him to several European capitols, including Brussels, Dusseldorf and London.

Chef Longo returned to Italy and in 1981, opened the first of three restaurants—two in Sorrento and one in Napoli. Because restaurant management didn't leave him much time in the kitchen, he left the business to open a cooking school in 2002 at the urging of his wife, Camilla, which he named in her honor. Back in the kitchen, Chef Longo continues to pursue his passion for Neapolitan cooking and is passionate about sharing his vast experience with his students.

In addition to teaching at Mami Camilla Cooking School, Chef Longo is a consultant and production supervisor for several Sorrento-based specialty food factories.

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