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Chef Philippe Leveille



Born in Nantes, France in 1963, Chef Philippe Léveillé traveled the world and worked in fine restaurants in Paris, New York, Martinique, and Monte Carlo before settling in Northern Italy. 

Chef Léveillé has been listed as one of the most acclaimed chefs in Italy for the past ten years, known for combining French cooking techniques with the traditional Italian fare. His restaurant, Miramonti L'altro, was established in 1994 in Concesio, Brescia (Lombardia), and has served a string of celebrity guests including Pope Benedict XVI. Chef Léveillé has been awarded two Michelin stars since 2001. 

His dishes, a fusion of French and Italian cuisine, are prepared with fresh, premium ingredients and are considered true rarities among gastronomy experts. "I have no favorite ingredient, all ingredients can be good if they are high quality.”


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